Environmental Assessment

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Clearly this project is NOT for the benefit of this community.

  • The second northbound lane will be a temporarily fix to the current Traffic situation
  • The morning traffic from Kingston Rd already causes traffic congestion on the left turn lanes from Kingston Rd to Port Union as GO riders try to access West Rouge GO station
  • The morning Traffic on Kingston usually blocks the exit from 401 to Kingston Rd. during the morning Rush hour for the same reason
  • The ease of traffic will attract more and more GO riders from Durham region. It will only get worse due the population increase in Durham Region and the New Airport in Pickering
  • Brock Rd is already congested and will not support the 25,000 new homes that is going to be built in Pickering in 2-4 years. Therefore, some will try to use West Rouge Go Station
  • Currently the northbound congestion occurs whenever the GO train comes from Toronto during evening rush hour, and Traffic congestion due to back up from Kingston rd
  • The current single lane serves best this community, as there will not be a major population increase in this community
  • The second northbound lane will be too close to the sidewalk and it will not be safe
  • The residents on the Port Union rd will have more hard time backing up on live lane due to increase of traffic
  • Instead we need bike lanes on Port Union for safer & Green Community

Opportunities for Review

An EA Addendum Report documenting the modification to the original environmental assessment study will be available for a 30-day review period starting August 14, 2014 and ending September 15, 2014.

August 2014 Update – Notice of Completion

The Addendum (update) to the 2004 ESR has now been completed.

The 2004 Environmental Assessment identified a preferred design which included:

  • Widening of Port Union Road to add a second northbound lane
  • Bicycle lanes
  • Continuous centre left-turn lande from Winter Gardens Trail to Island Road
  • Complete sidewalks on both sides of Port Union Road

In consultation with the community as directed by City Council in 2004, the preferred design has been modified in order to reduce property and other impacts to the community, and to meet current City standards and practices. The updated preferred design provides the same level of service as the original design, but includes the following changes:

  • Length of landscaped median reduced (now between Lawrence Ave. E. and Clappison Blvd. only)
  • Section of centre left-turn lane removed south of Josaly Dr.
  • Private property no longer required
  • Bike lanes widened from 1.5 metres to 1.8 metres

Please visit: read the full report.



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